ICMP Schedule

The conference venue is the Life Sciences Centre. Campus Map available at http://maps.ubc.ca/PROD/index.php

Day 1: Thursday, August 9

Start End Session/Speaker Title/Place
14.00 18.30 Registration This will take place in the LSI West Atrium
16.30 17.45 Reception This will take place in the LSI West Atrium
17.45 17.55 Welcome This will take place in LSI1
17.55 18.30 Keynote: J. Zehr N2-fixing symbiosis between cyanobacteria and a unicellular alga: evolution and metabolic interactions

Day 2: Friday, August 10

Start End Session/Speaker Title
8.30 9.05 Keynote: C. Kerfeld From evolution to engineering of the Orange Carotenoid Protein
9.05 10.20 Morning Session 1 Antenna, Light Harvesting, & Regulation 1
9.05 9.35 Chair & Invited: G. Schlau-Cohen Impact of the membrane on the dynamics of photosynthetic light harvesting
9.35 9.50 R. Radakovits Characterizing the light harvesting apparatus of Nannochloropsis gaditana
9.50 10.05 H.-Y. Chen Excitation energy quenching by a cysteine-mediated mechanism in IsiA in cyanobacteria
10.05 10.20 F. Perozeni Molecular mechanism for NPQ induction in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
10.20 10.40 coffee break
10.40 12.05 Morning Session 2 Evolution, Symbioses, & New Things
10.40 10.55 Chair: M. Roth

A molecular switch for oxygenic photosynthesis and metabolism in a green alga

10.55 11.20 Invited: D. Bryant Microbial mats of Mushroom Spring, Yellowstone National Park, WY, USA: a panoply of chlorophototrophs and their friends
11.20 11.35 M. Koblížek Utilization of light energy in novel phototrophic bacterium Gemmatimonas phototrophica
11.35 11.50 B. Green What happened to the phycobilisome: Losses, replacements and repurposing in the evolution of photosynthetic eukaryotes
11.50 12.05 G. Orf A plausible evolutionary trajectory for the photosynthetic reaction centers: insight from the heliobacterial reaction center
12.05 13.35 Lunch
12.30 13.30 Lunch & Learn presented by IDT Navigating qPCR assay design, What is the best chemistry for my application?

Advanced Registration appreciated.

13.35 14.50 Afternoon Session Biogenesis & Pigment Synthesis
13.35 14.05 Chair & Invited: J. Golbeck Engineered Biosynthesis of Bacteriochlorophyll gF in Rhodobacter sphaeroides
14.05 14.20 W. Vermaas Following thylakoid biogenesis in cyanobacteria by means of stable-isotope labeling of proteins and lipids
14.20 14.35 A. Hunnestad Investigating iron uptake strategies by studying iron distribution in Synechococcus sp. PCC 7002 under different iron conditions
14.35 14.50 S. Masuda Impact of the stringent response for controlling photosynthesis and chloroplast function in photosynthetic microorganisms
14.50 15.25 Keynote: A. Worden Strategies of the microbial eukaryote for life and photosynthesis adrift in the sea
15.25 18.15 Posters Poster session A (with refreshments)

Day 3: Saturday, August 11

Start End Session/Speaker Title
8.30 9.05 Keynote: J. Zhao Structural basis of phycobilisomes for light harvesting and energy transfer
9.05 10.20 Morning Session 1 Light-driven Electron transfer and Reaction Centers
9.05 9.35 Chair & Invited: M. Gunner The role of the protein in modifying the S- state energies in the oxygen evolving complex.
9.35 9.50 H. Ishikita Redox potentials of chlorophylls in both electron transfer pathways in photosynthetic reaction centers
9.50 10.05 M. Gorka Mimicking low temperatures in photosystem I using a room temperature trehalose glass
10.05 10.20 C. Gates PSII crystals reveal new processes in photosynthetic water oxidation: Discovery of multiple flash periods in the catalytic cycle
10.20 10.40 coffee break
10.40 11.05 Invited: P. King Control of photosynthetic electron flux through the integration of peripheral redox reactions with photosynthetic electron transport
11.05 12.20 Morning Session 2 Antenna, Light Harvesting, & Regulation 2
11.05 11.35 Chair & Invited: W. Schluchter Competition between differentially expressed enzymes controls light color acclimation in marine Synechococcus
11.35 11.50 Y. Lee Ultrafast two-dimensional electronic spectroscopic studies of Cyanobacterial photosystem I complexes
11.50 12.05 D. Bennett Structure-based model of Photosystem II light harvesting in the presence of qE
12.05 12.20 S. Savikhin Accessing excitonic structure of a photosynthetic Fenna-Matthews-Olson pigment-protein complex by time-resolved circular dichroism spectroscopy
12.20 13.50 Lunch
13.50 15.15 Afternoon Session Ecology & Ecophysiology of Phototrophs
13.50 14.05 Chair: A. García-Costas Metagenomics and metatranscriptomics analyses reveal ecophysiology and diversity of chlorophototrophs in a hot spring microbial mat
14.05 14.30 Invited: P. Tortell Autonomous measurements of phytoplankton electron transport, carbon fixation and growth in oceanic waters
14.30 14.45 B. Lucker

Enriched Genomic Loci (EGL) mapping: Identification of genomic loci enabling increased photosynthetic efficiency and environmental fitness in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

14.45 15.00 M. Kosugi Ecophysiological properties of the terrestrial green alga, Prasiola crispa, under severe environments in Antarctica
15.00 15.15 V. Jassey Mixotrophic protist photosynthesis, an overlooked but important aspect of the peatland carbon cycle
15.15 15.40 Invited: G. Peers The physiology of photoautotophic microbes in fluctuating light
15.40 18.30 Posters Poster session B (with refreshments)

Day 4: Sunday, August 12

Start End Session/Speaker  Title
8.30 9.55 Morning Session 1 Synthetic and Systems Biology of Metabolism & Biofuels
8.30 8.45 Chair: N. Boyle Development of advanced multi-scale multi-paradigm metabolic models to investigate cellular physiology
8.45 9.10 Invited: J. Young Novel stable isotope approaches to identify flux bottlenecks in photosynthetic microbes
9.10 9.25 K. Amarnath Circadian regulation interacts with natural changes in light to optimize resource allocation
in cyanobacteria
9.25 9.40 A. Kanygin Photosystem I-hydrogenase for in vivo biohydrogen production
9.40 9.55 L. Po-Cheng Engineering cyanobacteria for increased production of a monoterpene
9.55 10.15 coffee break
10.15 11.40 Morning Session 2 Light-driven Electron transfer and Photosynthetic Products
10.15 10.30 Session Chair: J. Cameron

Source-sink regulation of photosynthesis in single-cell derived lineages of cyanobacteria

10.30 10.55 Invited: I. Yacoby Resolving the in vivo mechanisms governing the inhibition of algal hydrogenase
10.55 11.10 S. Viola Development of Electrochromic Shift measurements in the cyanobacterium Synechococcus elongatus PCC7942
11.10 11.25 J. Murray Structural basis of Calvin cycle regulation by CP12
11.25 11.40 A. Hippmann Chloroplast-mitochondria cross-talk in diatoms: A proteomics study of the effects of Cu limitation on global metabolic pathways in an oceanic diatom
11.40 12.05 Invited: R. Burnap NDH-1 Complexes in Cyanobacteria: How are they coupled to CO2-uptake? Are they reversible?
12.05 13.35 Lunch
13.35 15.00 Afternoon Session Antenna, Light Harvesting, & Regulation 3
13.35 13.50 Chair: N. Keren Probing photosynthetic energy transfer at the quantum/classical border
13.50 14.15 Invited: R. Croce Photoprotection in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
14.15 14.30 A. Pandit Conformational dynamics of a photosynthetic light-harvesting complex in native thylakoid membranes
14.30 14.45 B. Wolf Photoacclimation in a newly isolated Eustigmatophyte alga capable of growth using far-red light
14.45 15.00 H. van Amerongen State transitions in the cyanobacterium Synechococcus elongatus 7942 involve reversible quenching of the photosystem II core
15.00 18.30 Posters Workshops & Poster session (pre-scheduled)