Attendance at the Vancouver ISPR conference requires an ISPR membership.

Already a member of the ISPR? select the member price. Check your member status on the ISPR website ( ) and obtain your member number.

Not a member? That’s ok too! Select the non-member price. The non-member price includes the cost of a 2-year membership to ISPR. More details regarding ISPR membership are available at  One of the benefits of ISPR membership is free access online to the Society’s journal, Photosynthesis Research.

Hint: If you are in a special category that gives you a discount for ISPR membership (e.g. emeritus status, soft currency state) then it would be cheaper for you to obtain or renew your membership first and then register for this conference as a member.

NOTE: All registration prices are in Canadian dollars! Check your currency here.

Below is a currency converter for your reference.