All attendees are encouraged to present their original work as oral or poster presentations. Note that the deadline for oral presentations is earlier (see below). Oral presentations are not guaranteed; if you request one, you will be informed as soon as the sessions are programmed. If an oral presentation is not available, your abstract will be assigned as a poster. Students and postdocs are strongly encouraged to submit an abstract – in each session there will be slots available for students and postdocs to present their work. Note that, if you are invited to make an oral presentation, you may be assigned to a session different from the one you requested.


April 30, 2018 for oral presentation

May 30, 2018 for poster presentation

Abstract Submission Guidelines

  • Abstracts should be submitted as a PDF document.
  • The file name should consist of the presenting author’s last name and first name, followed by the number of the abstract. (e.g. if Jill Smith submitted an abstract, the file name would be Jill.1.pdf. If she submitted a second abstract, the file name would be Smith.Jill.2.pdf.)
  • Note that you should have permission to present more than one abstract. Otherwise, it is possible that the organizers will accept only one of the abstracts that you submit.
  • Abstracts must fit on a single 8.5″ x 11″ page using 12-point Times/Times New Roman font and 1″ margins all around. Abstracts should be left-justified with minimal formatting.
  • The abstract title should be written in bold. Do not use all capital letters; only capitalize words that should be capitalized (i.e. first word, proper names)
  • The next lines should include the author(s) and affiliations, followed by the body of the abstract. The presenting author should be listed first.
  • Funding and other acknowledgments should be at the very end, in parentheses.
  • Figures, illustrations, tables, may be inserted after the body of the text.
  • Do not go beyond 1 page.
  • Please proof-read all abstracts carefully before submission.
  • We recommend that you use the template abstract document.